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Personal Cars

This is my 1987 Lincoln Town Car

This is my 1987 Lincoln Town Car “Signature” finished in “Midnight Black” with the Midnight Black Cambria Carriage Roof and Raven Black Leather interior. It registers about 78,600 miles on the odometer but is in near mint condition. A “Triple Black” Town Car is, in my opinion, almost like striking gold as they are stunning in every way. Anyways, it was purchased for Classic Car Inventory but once I received the car it was quickly decided this one is a keeper. If you’ve seen the move “Lincoln Lawyer” with Matthew McConaughey he drove almost the exact car and it just exhibits class all day long. I am trying to get a triple black from 70’s, 80’s & 90’s and so far I have 2 of the 3 boxes checked!

This is my 1994 Lincoln Limosine

Who hasn’t fantasized over being “important enough” to be chauffeured around in a limousine?? Well, for most of us that will never happen unless you are lucky enough to be a “Car Guy” AND find a pristine Lincoln Limousine…then you just have to hire a driver! I came across this is a 1994 Lincoln Town Car Limousine and fell in love with it. I was made by “American Custom Coachworks Ltd” in Beverly Hills CA and delivered to its new owner on 6/8/1995 for a stunning $61,295.00 which was a lot of dough back then! It has less than 17,000 ORIGINAL MILES on it today. It is pristine in almost every way, all options work as they should including the Color TV, Phone, Facsimile and even all the decanter lighting. Long story short, she’s a keeper…. Thus my Triple Black Town Car of the 90’s box is CHECKED!

1973 Chevy Camaro Z-28 - 350ci V8 Automatic Trans

So this is another car I purchased for inventory but fell in love with due to it’s awesome sound... hence it did not get listed and is no in my personal collection. With a slightly modified factory correct 350 this car just exhibits that “muscle car” sound... the likes I have never owned before. It is a very nice, fully restored documented "Z28" car with a lightly modified factory 350 and a automatic transmission which is all correct for this car. It is a highly restored car but not too crazy over the top nice where you can't take it out and get 2nd gear rubber while cruzin' on a Saturday night! Since I am a music lover I have added a very nice audio system so that the bass can vibrate that rear-view mirrror just the way it used to "back in the day" and it sounds nice! This is one my wife and I thoroughly enjoy taking out and cruzing in as it just takes you back!

My most prized Classic Car possession:

1979 Pontiac Trans Am “Special Edition” -A 400ci factory close ratio Borg-Warner 4 speed with the WS6 “Special Handling Package” – 1 of only 1,107 made in 1979.

Most any of you that are Generation X car guys would remember the block bust “Smokey and the Bandit” in 1977. Well, as a 10 year old kid I found out what falling in love was all about when that trans am came down the ramps out of the back of that semi truck. I was lucky enough at 17 years old to purchase a 1979 Special Edition auto with only 10,000 1 owner miles on it. Eventually, as I got older and out on my own, I realized that a expensive car like that was probably not a priority when I had to start paying rent so regrettably I sold it. As the old saying goes “I’ve regretted that decision my whole life”. But... it was reality at the time and seemed like the responsible thing to do . Flash ahead almost 40 years and I will have owned 3 more 2nd gen Trans Ams with one of them being another 1979 Special Edition (Automatic 403 ci V8 car) which I owned for 11 years and sold in April 2021. Well, "going without" didn't last long and now I am lucky enough to own the crem de le crème of 79 Trans Am’s with very low original miles, highly documented and in as new condition. Needless to say it sets under a car top most of the time as I consider this one an investment piece and can’t afford any dings or marks on it. Guess I had enough fun squealing around the corners in the other ones anyway, right?